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2021 "What Home Means to Me" Poster Contest Winners

Congratulations to our poster contest winners, both at the KHA and state (CCHRCO) level in 2021!

This year's theme was, "What Home Means to Me" and these talented artists did a great job putting their ideas onto poster board!

Thank you to everyone who participated and the staff members who made this contest a success.

Ameriyana McNeil 1st Place Jashon Carter CCHRCO 1st place

Ameriyana McNeil 6-8
KHA 1st Place

Jashon Carter K-5
CCHRCO 1st Place
KHA 2nd Place

Zi'Marion Jones 1st place Bryan Bouie-BJ 3rd Place
Zi'Marion Jones K-5
KHA 1st Place
Bryan Bouie-BJ K-5
KHA 3rd Place

M'Kayla Jones Tey'shawn Carter
M'Kayla Jones K-5 Tey'shawn Carter K-5

Melvin Jones Curtis McIver
Melvin Jones K-5 Curtis McIver K-5